• Forthcoming Feature Classes with Chef Valentine

Forthcoming Feature Classes with Chef Valentine

Chef Valentine Kitamura is a French cook who's passionate about cooking and baking. She teaches cooking classes, mostly French food and baking. We're so proud to have her on our chef team! 

For our full schedule, check out our complete class calendar here, but here are some of Chef Valentine's delicious featured forthcoming classes. Stay tuned for more (updated weekly):

One Pot Meals with Chef Valentine
Wednesday, February 19th @ 10:00 A.M. | DEMO | $80

Skip the dishes (the actual dishes, not the delivery company)! Tonight’s recipes need only one big pot and you will have THE best supper, no delivery required. 

  • Vegetable & Chicken Thai Curry: a western version of curry, with squash, cauliflower, spinach and chicken breast bathed in a rich coconut curry broth
  • Turkey Chili: a healthier version of the traditional dish, and ready within 30 minutes!
  • Sweet Risotto Rice Pudding: comfort food that is ready in a snap and guarantee to satisfy


And these are only some of our forthcoming feature classes! For more upcoming classes, check out our complete class calendar here. Call us now at 604-530-1518 to reserve your seat in this great class!

Check out our Hands-On Classes in the Well Seasoned Kitchen. Hands-On Classes: These are interactive classes whose descriptions will state what is expected of students. Depending on the complexity of the menu (or the time it takes to complete certain dishes), a minimum of 1 recipe will be fully hands-on with other recipes being made by the chef. In some classes, all dishes are prepared by students. For our popular classes, students will work in groups to prepare dishes.
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Check Out Demo Classes at Well Seasoned Demo Classes: The chef does the cooking, making all the recipes in real time. The chef is keen to answer any questions you have while they work. Our class screen gives you a great bird's eye view of the dishes as they are being prepared from any seat. You eat the delicious dishes, enjoy a glass of wine, and take home the recipe to try your hand at making them at home.
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Vouchers can be used against this class. Buy your voucher and then contact us to reserve your seat in this class. Note:you are NOT booked in this class after buying a voucher until you contact us and you receive a confirmation from our team. Call us at 604-530-1518 to book your seat now!

To see all of our classes, check out our cooking class calendar.
Schedule updated weekly.