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May 26, 2017

Grilling Essentials

Finally, it finally feels like Summer is here. This will be our second sunny weekend and we could not be happier! There is nothing better than warm summer nights, they are just perfect for grilling. Hopefully, you took advantage of the sunshine last weekend and cleaned up your grill for barbecue season!

BBQ season really is our favourite time of the year. This morning Angie was featured on Global TV sharing some of her favorite grilling tips!  Check out the full segment here!

Angie's Essential BBQ Tools

Angie Quaale's Essential Grilling Tools

Good Tongs

Everyone should have both a long and a short pair. Use the long pair for charcoal grilling, and at any point when your grill is really hot, to avoid burning your hands. The short pair are better for cooking at lower temperatures. Long or short, make sure the tongs are a size that allows you good control of them.

Dry Rub

With so many options on the market, it's tough to give you just one. We suggest you make your own all purpose rub. Incorporating spices and seasonings such as; brown sugar, white sugar, paprika, cumin, coriander, etc. An all purpose rub is perfect for chicken and pork. For beef and other red meat, we like to add a bit more black pepper and spice things up.

No need to apply your dry rub too early. We like to put it on just before we heat the grill, giving it a few minutes to soak in.

BBQ Sauce

Again, with so many choices, it really comes down to the flavour profiles you prefer. However, a few tips for applying. Always, always, have this in a squeeze bottle. It allows you to control the amount being used. And most importantly, do not put your BBQ sauce on raw meat, it is sure to burn. With the sugar and molasses content in the sauce it is best to apply in the last few minutes of cooking and allow it to glaze the meat.

Digital Thermometer

We saved the most important for last! A digital thermometer is critical for grilling. The worst thing you can do is cut into the meat to determine if it is done. If you don't own one, it's time to add this to your shopping list!

Chef's Tip - Never put cold food on a cold grill. It is sure to stick. Always heat your grill to a minimum of 450F, add your protein and then adjust your temperature.

Enjoy the perfect summer dinner this weekend - Local chicken, peppers, zucchini and potatoes. Happy Grilling!


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