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March 13, 2020

Worried? Scared? Just an all 'round feeling of concern? We feel ya!

Our kitchen has been working overtime to fill our Gourmet to Go Freezers. We have tons of homemade Soups, Chili, Entrees like Lasagna & Mac & Cheese, Curried Chicken, Meat Pies, Tarts & Flatbreads and lots of great desserts. We're open Mon-Sat 9-5 P.M. and Sunday 10-4 P.M. We will be closed Easter Monday.

Can't make it to us? That's cool - we can deliver. Free delivery in Langley with a $50 purchase (out of local area delivery is $10). You can call us or email us with your order and we will leave it at your door.

Items order online are for pick-up only, but if you're looking for delivery, we have a handy PDF you can download and fill out here.

PDF Order Form

Either email your completed PDF to the store or call us at 604-530-1518 and order a-la-carte.

Friends don't let friends eat bad food during a crisis! We are here to help.

Call us at 604.530.1518 or email askachef@wellseasoned.ca.

We will get through this together❣️ (we even have toilet paper if you need a spare roll).

Updated April 7th 2020

Homemade Soups:
Cream of Mushroom G/F V $9.99
Mulligatawny G/F $9.99
Creamy Tomato with Basil G/F V $9.99
Cauliflower Cheese G/F V $9.99
Corn Chowder with Bacon G/F $9.99
Split Pea with Ham G/F D/F $9.99
Cabbage Roll Soup G/F D/F $9.99
Coconut Curried Squash (vegan) G/F $9.99
Broccoli Cheddar G/F v $9.99
Beef Barley G/F D/F $9.99
Clam Chowder G/F $9.99
Asian Chicken & Wild Rice G/F D/F $9.99
Asian Chicken Lettuce Wrap Filling D/F $12.99
Bolognese Sauce G/F $12.99
Butter Chicken G/F $19.99
Butter Sauce (no chicken) G/F V $10.99
Beef Chili G/F D/F $9.99
Mushroom Bruschetta $9.99
Vegan Chili G/F D/F $9.99
Lasagna $19.99
Veggie Lasagna V $18.99
Mac & Cheese V $17.99
Mac & Cheese with Bacon $17.99
Savoury Pies: 
Tourtiere large serves 6-8 $21.99
Bacon Cheeseburger serves 6-8 $21.99
Aussie (beef) serves 6-8 $21.99
Chicken & Mushroom Pie serves 6-8 $21.99

Delicious Local Curry: 
Ban Chok Dee Yellow Curry 500 ml D/F $8.99
Ban Chok Dee Red Curry 500 ml D/F $8.99
Ban Chok Dee Green Curry 500 ml D/F $8.99
Ban Chok Dee Panang Curry 500ml D/F $8.99
Flatbreads & Puff Pastry Tarts:
Caramelized Onion & Fig Tart V $18.99
BBQ Chicken Tart $18.99
Pear & Gorgonzola Tart V $18.99
Caprese Flatbread V $18.99
Sweet Potato Pie V $15.99
Cream Scones Slice & Bake (6) V $11.99
Cheddar Scones Slice & Bake (6) V $11.99
Lemon Lavender Scones Slice & Bake (6) V $11.99
Mexican Cookies V $9.99
Mrs. Sawatsky Cookies G/F V $9.99
Chocolate Chip Cookies V $9.99
Coconut Lime Slice & Bake Cookies V $9.99
Choc Chunk Slice & Bake Cookies V $9.99
Sticky Toffee Pudding serves 6 V $16.99
Blueberry Peach Bars serves 8 V $15.99
Lemon Bars serves 8 V $15.99
Salted Caramel Brownies serves 8 V $15.99
**Mini Egg Edible Cookie Dough V $6.99** Limited for Easter!
Chocolate Salami G/F V $14.99
Keto Meals: 
Cauli-rice G/F D/F V serves 4 $13.99
Faux tatoes G/F V serves 4 $14.99
Chicken Broccoli Bake G/F serves 4 $19.99
Mexican Taco Bake G/F serves 4 $19.99

Artichoke & Roasted Garlic G/F $9.99
Mediterranean Feta G/F $9.99
Pimento Cheese G/F $9.99
Cashew & Red Pepper (vegan) $9.99

Fresh Dressings: 
Roasted Garlic Caesar G/F $9.99
Balsamic Vinaigrette G/F $9.99
Homemade Blue Cheese G/F $9.99

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