• Cabbage + Vegetarian Gift Ideas

November 05, 2015

As the resident WS #vegetarian (and occasional #vegan), I eat a LOT of cabbage. In fact, if you're looking to lose weight, I replaced most of my favourite rice dishes with cabbage over the last two years and I have lost 70 lbs (with exercise and other dietary changes naturally). While my knife and cutting board are great, when I'm chopping a new cabbage, the slippery little sucker can be difficult to get started. So the other day, while getting some new photos for the website, I picked up a Mandolin from the store. It took me 10 second to chop my cabbage head in quarters, about a minute to figure out how to set the blade and then 45 seconds to cut enough cabbage for my lunch today. If you're looking for gifts for vegans and vegetarians - I would recommend getting them a Japanese Mandolin. It cut time off of my lunch and dinner routine and rather than chopping the entire cabbage (which usually results in dry stringy pieces by the end of two weeks), I was able to put the head back in the crisper and just eat the amount I cut. I did a little video for Facebook.

While it's a great tool to have in your kitchen, no matter what your diet allows, I am really happy to have one as a vegetarian because I can whip up a salad (slaw) or salsa in under 5 minutes!

  • Kay Slater, WS Creative Director.

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