• Chef’s Tip: Liquid Smoke

March 01, 2015

Liquid smoke is a seasoning ingredient for various types of food that benefit from smoky, mesquite accents. The product is created by gently smouldering different types of wood under controlled conditions in a retort, which is a type of large oven. The smoke is then collected into molecules of water vapour and chilled rapidly so that the water molecules carrying the smoke condense into liquid. The liquid smoke is then piped into oak barrels to age, and after the aging process, it is filtered and bottled for sale.

Because liquid smoke flavour is so strong, only a few drops are normally used at a time, and they are typically added to marinades, never on to the meat or veggies directly. For foods that are a liquid base, that you will consume entirely, you just need to add about 2-4 drops per 8oz. So, in a bowl of chili or soup for example, you would add about 2-4 drops to the bowl. In a marinade, that you aren't going to reduce & use, we suggest going a bit stronger to 12-15 drops per 8oz of marinade. It is easy to over-do. Less is definitely more until you are used to it.

Experiment & have fun with it!

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