• Chef's Tip: Hot Cocoa

December 01, 2015

Hot cocoa always sort of takes us back to arriving home after a big day on the slopes with the toboggan, the whosh, whoosh, whoosh of snow pants trudging up the driveway. A steaming mug can totally take the edge off any Canadian winter day. BUT, hot cocoa isn't just for kids and it isn't just for those with a love of dairy. Behold, the evolution of hot chocolate! Here are a few ways to mix things up this winter at your house;
  1. Instead of using milk, use a can of coconut milk. Heat it up, whisk in the cocoa mix as the package directs. Rim your mug with melted chocolate and toasted coconut & maybe add a little coconut rum.
  2. Try almond milk for a change of pace, heat it up - add the cocoa mix and a splash of Rumchata or Baileys Irish Cream. Top it with a marshmallow or three, just for fun!
  3. For the egg nog lovers why not try a little hot chocolate nog. Heat the egg nog gently over medium heat, add the cocoa and a splash of rum. Top with a little zest of fresh orange.
But, whatever you do, we beg you, don't make hot cocoa with water!

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