• Chef's Tip: The Original Brown Sugar Disc

May 01, 2014

Hard brown sugar is the WORST! You open the pantry, all set to start a baking project and your brown sugar is hard as a rock. Not anymore!

Here's a gadget we love: the terra cotta brown sugar disc actually softens brown sugar that has already become rock hard and it prevents your new brown sugar from suffering the same fate! Ingenious and of course it is Canadian made! Best of all, it really works... Soak the disc in water for about 20 minutes, toss it into the storage container with your brown sugar and let it sit overnight. The next day, your sugar will be soft again! The disc will keep your sugar soft for about 90 days. When the sugar begins to harden again, remove the disc & allow it to dry overnight, then re-soak it & replace in the brown sugar - you should be good for another 90 days! Works well in a container with raisins, coconut or fresh made cookies that you want to keep soft!

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