• Day 17 - Triesta Chocolates

December 17, 2019

Triesta Chocolates

Today we feature local chocolate maker; Triesta Chocolates. For their sliceable truffles, Triesta starts by perfectly blending smooth, rich chocolate with their own gluten-free almond biscotti for a hint of crunchiness.  An exquisite blend of enticing flavours, such as raspberry, cherry, white chocolate, amaretto, or pistachio is added for a magical taste sensation.  Each Truffle is then hand-rolled in cocoa powder.

Gift the chocolate lover in your life one (or all three) of these rich, silky and decadent treats! These truffles are loaded with delicious flavour and we have all three varieties in store now! Choose your favourite or mix it up with today's feature recipe: Molten Lava Truffle Cakes. 

Available for online order, or in-store purchase today.

Boxes are $13.99 each

2019 Local Advent Calendar Christmas Feature.

We'll be featuring a delicious and essential local favourite from December 1st - December 24th, revealing a new Advent Calendar Feature and Recipe each day! 

Visit us tomorrow for Day 18! #BuyLocal

Enter to win our Local Advent Calendar Grand Prize featuring 3 boxes of Triesta Sliceable Truffles! You can enter the contest daily for more entries!



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