• Day 19 - Chef Trevor Bird's Black Pepper Jam & Gone Crackers Olive Oil Crackers

December 19, 2019

Chef Trevor Bird's Black Pepper Jam & Gone Crackers Olive Oil Crackers

Today we feature two delicious local products that pair up perfectly for an upcoming party or as a gift to the host/hostess with the most(est).

Chef Trevor's Black Pepper Jam: This is a jam that can be added to pretty much anything and brings out the best flavours of your dish. The perfect gift for your friends, your holiday party host and great family stocking stuffer!

Gone Crackers Olive Oil & Cracked Pepper Crackers: Amazing on their own, Gone Crackers are also wonderful paired with a variety of wines and cheeses, as well as charcuterie, spreads, soups and salads (and local Black Pepper Jam... :D).  We are sure you will taste the craftsmanship in each of the crackers. Well Seasoned proudly uses Gone Crackers at their tasting events, private parties and several of their catering platters! Be sure to add them to your party spread!

Today's recipe is a great side for the holiday table! It calls for Chicken Stock (and we always recommend you pick up Major Brand Stock from our freezer section), but you can always swap it out for Major Brand Mushroom or Veggie Stock and make it vegetarian: Green Bean Stir Fry with Black Pepper Jam.

Available for online order, or in-store purchase today.


Jars of Black Pepper Jam are $9.99 each and all flavours of Gone Crackers are $6.99

2019 Local Advent Calendar Christmas Feature.

We'll be featuring a delicious and essential local favourite from December 1st - December 24th, revealing a new Advent Calendar Feature and Recipe each day! 

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Enter to win our Local Advent Calendar Grand Prize featuring a jar of Chef Trevor Bird's Black Pepper Jam & a box of Gone Crackers Olive Oil Crackers! You can enter the contest daily for more entries!



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