• Day 22 - Saltwest Naturals Infused Canadian Sea Salts

December 22, 2019

Saltwest Naturals Infused Canadian Sea Salts

Today we feature a local company crafting Canadian sea salt from Vancouver Island’s North Pacific; Saltwest Naturals. Their products are all natural and are handcrafted from the cold pristine waters off the West Coast of Vancouver Island. This sea salt is carefully hand-harvested from the mother brine in small batches to produce a delicate flake with a balanced pure flavour. All-natural and free from anti-caking chemicals. Replace your everyday salt with their Raincoast Flor de Sal as a healthy option to season any dish, add their Lemon Dill Infused Sea Salt to season your fish, chicken, steamed veggies or sprinkle onto your salads or roasted potatoes. For a spicier kick, use their Spicy Ancho Sea Salt to grilled meats, Mexican bean salads, veggies and guacamole dips!

Whichever flavour you choose, add a teaspoon to today's recipe: Salted Caramel.

Available for online order, or in-store purchase today.


Packages of Saltwest Natural artisanal sea salts are $5.99 each.

2019 Local Advent Calendar Christmas Feature.

We'll be featuring a delicious and essential local favourite from December 1st - December 24th, revealing a new Advent Calendar Feature and Recipe each day! 

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Enter to win our Local Advent Calendar Grand Prize featuring all three featured flavours of Saltwest sea salts! You can enter the contest daily for more entries!



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