• Day 23 - Walter Craft Caesar Mixes & Rim

December 23, 2019

Walter Craft Caesar Mixes & Rim

Today we feature local company Walter Craft, the company perfecting Canada’s cocktail; the Caesar. Proudly crafted in small batches here in British Columbia, their premium Caesar mix is made using vine-ripened tomatoes, grated horseradish, Worchestershire and hot sauce, and select spices (none of the MSG or high-fructose corn syrup you find in most mixes)!

Their Classic Spice and Mild Spice Caesar Mixes are made with real clam juice sourced sustainably. In fact, Walter is proud to be Canada’s first Ocean Wise™ recommended Caesar Mix. Not into fish? Their Vegan Mix uses dulse (edible seaweed) in place of clam juice for a plant-based classic taste.

Mix yourself up a classic caesar (may we suggest the West Coast Caesar), while you mix up tonight's dinner: Walter Fish Stew.

Available for online order, or in-store purchase today.


Walter Caesar Mixes are $6.99 each, and their Caesar Rim is $5.99 each.

2019 Local Advent Calendar Christmas Feature.

We'll be featuring a delicious and essential local favourite from December 1st - December 24th, revealing a new Advent Calendar Feature and Recipe each day! 

Visit us tomorrow for Day 24, our FINAL day of the series! #BuyLocal

Enter to win our Local Advent Calendar Grand Prize featuring their Classic Caesar Mix and Rim! You can enter the contest daily for more entries!


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