• Day 9 - Boozewitch

December 09, 2019

Boozewitch Shrubs

We are proud to carry the Gillespie Fine Spirit's line of Boozewitch Shrubs!

These Drinking Vinegars (also known as Shrubs) are produced with Gillespie's own Apple Cider Vinegar with carefully selected ingredients and locally grown wherever possible. They are tasty, refreshing and versatile.

Enjoy with soda, in your favourite cocktail, in salad dressings or to put a little magic in any recipe! In fact, why not start today by trying our featured recipe: Shrub Vinaigrette.


Available for online order, or in-store purchase today.



$15.99 each.

2019 Local Advent Calendar Christmas Feature.

We'll be featuring a delicious and essential local favourite from December 1st - December 24th, revealing a new Advent Calendar Feature and Recipe each day! 

Visit us tomorrow for Day 10! #BuyLocal

Enter to win our Local Advent Calendar Grand Prize featuring a bottle of Booze Witch Tamarind Pineapple shrub! You can enter the contest daily for more entries!



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