• Global TV - Cooking with Unusual Winter Produce

January 29, 2017

Last week, our fearless leader, Angie Quaale had the pleasure of joining the Global BC morning show to cook up some unusual winter vegetables. She featured local endive from Abbotsford, BC, celery root and turnip.

All things, most of us probably "turn up" our nose too...pun intended! This time of year a lack of fresh produce, and expensive imported fruit and vegetables, can make cooking fresh seem a bit daunting. Typically, winter vegetables tend to seem intimidating and uninspiring for the average home cook. With a little love and creativity they can be the perfect side dish or fresh winter salad. Angie managed to easily transform each of these items into a fresh, delicious dish. And now you can too! View the full segment below, and find all of the recipes in our database!

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