• Potluck Tips - Are you Ready for Project Potluck?

August 14, 2018

Are you ready for the Return of PROJECT POTLUCK on August 26? Well Seasoned's Angie Quaale shares tips for hosting and attending a Potluck!

The word "potluck" might sound a bit old-fashioned, but the idea of sharing a meal with friends is ageless! A potluck is a fantastic way to bring friends and neighbors together - it's easy on the budget, and a fun way to break bread!  Here are a few basic tips to make it even better:

For the HOST

  1. If you aren't choosing a specific theme or use a sign up sheet for the potluck, keep in mind that you could end up with 12 potato salads and 6 pies. That is clearly not the end of the world but you, as the host, may want to make a substantial "main" just in case no one else does. Things like a lasagna, a big veggie chili etc. are easy to share, inexpensive and always a hit.
  2. Send a reminder to your guests before the event with a list of what they are expected to supply and what you are providing - everyone should know what to expect.  IE: bring your own lawn chair, bring your own plates & cutlery etc.
  3. Make sure your kitchen is clean and ready for use.  Pre-heat your oven to 350 before your guests arrive and if you are allowing the use of your BBQ, have it clean and ready to fire. Leave out in plain sight, a big basket with an assortment of tongs, serving spoons etc. Have lots of napkins, paper plates & cutlery on hand for those that didn't bring their own.  You may also want to put up a way finding sign or two to the bathroom.
  4. Have your food tables set up in advance so people can add their food as they arrive.  Perhaps labeling the tables might make sense (1. Appies  2. Salads & Sides  3. Mains and if you potluck with my friends, let tables 4 and 5 be desserts).
  5. Fill a cooler with ice - bottled water, sodas and other beverages to share. Maybe make a giant jug of homemade iced tea with paper cups for sharing. 



For the GUEST

  1. Arrive with your food ready to serve. If your hot food should be hot, bring it hot, hot foot will stay hot in a "cooler" just as well as it will stay cool AND don't expect access to the oven, it might be full when you arrive. If you need special serving spoons or a knife, arrive with them in hand so you don't have to trouble to hostess for assistance. He/She will be busy assisting everyone else.
  2. If you were asked to bring your own dinner dishes & cutlery do so (and bring extra) - disposable are okay (as long as they are environmentally friendly) and don't forget your drinking glasses for the wine you are also bringing along.
  3. Bring a trash bag to wrap your dirty dishes for clean transport home. You won't be able to do your dishes there so plan to bring them home for quick clean up there.
  4. Bring a label for your food.  People want to know what they are eating and basically what is in it - "contains gluten" or "vegetarian", "nut free" or "really freaking delicious" are all acceptable labels.  Maybe add your name to it in case they want to beg you for the recipe.
  5. Avoid weird things or things that are too spicy and please don't be the guy that brings a bag of dinner rolls or potato chips with a 6 pack of Pepsi.  A really good potluck takes a bit of effort and presumably you would like to be invited back, so make a thoughtful (delicious) contribution.

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