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December 21, 2016

10 Food Predictions for 2017

Note to Media: Food expert and chef, Angie Quaale is available for interviews on topics related to 2017 food trends. Contact Amy Chen, 778-998-0036.

[Langely, BC] Wish you had a crystal ball to predict 2017's hottest food trends? BBQ champion and culinary expert Angie Quaale of Langley's Well Seasoned Gourmet Food Store has compiled a list of her predictions of the foodie fads for next year.
  1. Reduction of Food Waste: Using everything from bones to vegetable stems, tops and peels, Quaale suspects that this eco-friendly trend will skyrocket in 2017.
  2. Coconut Flour: This item is going to gain popularity, and not just for people with gluten sensitivity. It is delicious and will appear in kitchens as a more widely used flour option.
  3. Soup: From simple bone broth to zesty gazpacho, soup's popularity will contribute to the reduction of waste while simultaneously feeding your soul.
  4. More Veggies: Meat isn't going anywhere in 2017, but veggies as sexy sides are going to get more attention - especially if they're charred.
  5. Fried Chicken: There are many types of fried chicken, but Quaale predicts that the Nashville Hot variety will specifically be more visible next year. This particular variation is super crispy and soaked in hot sauce - not for the faint of heart.
  6. Avocados: Avocados keep getting bigger and bigger - and not in size. They are showing up in breakfast and as the main feature in desserts, used to thicken sauces and add texture and richness to countless dishes. Avocados aren't going anywhere in 2017, especially Mexican avocados because they are available every season of the year!
  7. Big Bowls: Soups, salads, noodles, acai - big bowls are easy to eat, and can usually be made well ahead of time, making them convenient. They are also usually fast and fresh.
  8. Craft Cider: Step to the side craft beer, craft cider is hot on your heels!
  9. Iced Tea: In 2017, Quaale foresees the rise of this classic beverage brewed from real tea, sweetened naturally with honey and fruit juices; also made into cocktails.
  10. Pimento Cheese: The caviar of the south. If it isn't a trend in 2017, it should be and it will be in Canada soon... it is too delicious not to start popping up.

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