Circle Square Doughnuts

We're so proud to announce that Circle Square Handmade Doughnuts will be available in at Well Seasoned in Langley every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday! And the menu changes weekly! Order from the daily menu to pick-up on the day of your choice (if you pre-order 48 hours in advance) - or visit us in store on Wednesday - Saturday as we sell singles (and dozens) on a first come, first served basis!

Order by 9AM the day before to secure your preorder Wednesday by 9AM for Thursday doughnuts, Thursday by 9AM for Friday doughnuts (etc). We remove the DOW menu when it's no longer available for online pre-order, but you can always check out our daily menu on our Facebook page: Well Seasoned Gourmet

Whether you spell them donuts, doughnuts, or d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s; don't miss out on these local delights from our friends Circle SquareDoughnuts in Chilliwack! Order by the dozen and SAVE!

Now available: Circle Square Cinnamon Rolls!

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