Well Seasoned Live: Online Weekly Classes

Well Seasoned, a gourmet food store

$20.00 CAD

Online Class (By Donation):


Well Seasoned is proud to continue our online cooking classes featuring our chefs! This series was our first attempt at running online hands-on classes for adults, and while we continue to learn as we go, we recognize that many people still prefer to do their socializing from home. We hear you, and we appreciate your patience and support while we work to stay connected with you!

These classes are run by donation which helps us support our chefs - thank you!

Check our Class Calendar for forthcoming events & menu previews! 

How to Participate:

  1. Register for your online-class ticket. Pay-What-You-Can ($20-0) and we'll send you the recipe so you can get ready.
  2. If you opt into our Cook-Along Kit, come pick it up when you are notified by email and you'll get a pack with all the non-perishable essentials.
  3. Buy your fresh produce, meat/fish, and cheese.
  4. Measure out your ingredients before class starts - at the start of class, we'll begin cooking!
  5. Join us on Facebook (like us at facebook.com/wellseasonedgourmet), and be sure to turn on your notifications. You'll be notified when we go live. You can also just tune into our page at 5:30 and the link will show up as soon as we are live. Refresh the page if you don't see it when you arrive.

Support us and our chefs by purchasing an online viewing ticket here, and ordering your cook-along kit, and then join us on Facebook at 5:30 as we stream your event live! Only ticket holders will receive the recipe in advance so they can be ready to cook-along with our chefs.

Pay What You Can:

We understand that not everyone has access to employment right now, and so we're introducing a pay-what-you-can format for the class. We ask you still RSVP even if you choose not to pay for a class so we can see how popular the series is, and we have provided a free option so that everyone can watch along.

Cook-Along Kit:

The Cook-Along Kit will include the specialty items for the class, but will not include fresh ingredients (produce, cheese, meat, etc). You can order these online or pick them up from the store starting on Tuesday prior to the Thursday class! 

Can't find the Live Stream?:

Sometimes Facebook Live notification doesn't ping immediately when we start our feed. Unfortunately, we have limited control over this, so we want to encourage folks to like us on Facebook, and then refresh our Well Seasoned Facebook page if you're not getting a notification of us going live at 5:30. A post is created when the stream goes live, so scroll down the page to find the live-stream if the notifications do not work. Thank you for your patience and continued support of our chefs.

Past Sessions:

Check out our collection of archived Cook-Along classes with an embedded, archived video of our classes from the original live stream.