Doughnut Dude Doughnuts: Saturday Flavours

Doughnut Dudes

$3.75 CAD

**For in-store pick-up only. Fresh product.**

Doughnut Dude Doughnuts will be available in at Well Seasoned in Langley every Thursday-Saturday! And the menu changes weekly! Order from this menu to pick-up on Saturday this week (if you pre-order 24 hours in advance) - or visit us in store on Saturday as we sell singles (and dozens) on a first come, first served basis! Don't miss out! Doughnuts (or donuts if you prefer) are $3.75 each, and $40/dozen. Specialty/Seasonal Specials are a special price, and do not count towards a discounted dozen

Preorder by Friday, September 24th at 2 P.M. for this Saturday Flavours!


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