deSIAM Thai Dipping Sauces

$5.49 CAD

Dinner is easy (and really delicious) with deSIAM sauces!

Peanut Coconut Satay SauceA blend of roasted peanuts infused with coconut cream and a hint of red curry paste. Great with all grilled meat and BBQ chicken. 

Chili Pinapple SauceA sweet blend of pineapple chunks and chillies. Great with grilled chicken and prawn cakes.

Spicy Sriracha Chili SauceMade with crushed Thai red chillies. Great for stir-fries. A versatile spicy table sauce.

Chili Tamarind SauceMade with red chillis and tamarind paste. Luscious with meat and rice dishes. A spicy and sour table sauce.

From our kitchen: The deSiam Chili Tamarind is killer with PRAWNS. Stir fry garlic & shallot in grapeseed oil, stir fry your prawns. Add the Tamarind Chili Sauce to coat. Pour over steamed basmati rice & serve with charred broccoli.