DIY Cookie Kits: Valentine's Cookie Kits

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Super Adorable DIY Cookie Kits: perfect for occupying little hands or for sending something hand-made to your Valentines! We are excited to offer TWO Valentine's Fun Cookie Decorating Kits! 

The Assorted Kit contains: 6 Valentine sugar cookies, with icing for decoration and an assortment of decorative embellishments to add on!

The mini Personal Valentine Kit contains: A heart-shaped cookie,, a mini icing bag, and some decorations.


  1. Store cookies at room temperature, and the icing in a cool place.
  2. Gently knead the icing bags for a minute. This is to mix the colour formation back together as the separation takes place with they sit.
  3. Using a sharp scissor, cut off a TINY tip at the end of the bag.
  4. Use your imagination and decorate away. Have lots of fun!
  5. Tip: Use the icing and outline the cookies first, then fill the rest of the cookies in with the icing. Sprinkle the princes on the cookie when the icing is STILL WET.
  6. Icing takes 8-10 hours to dry completely so DO NOT stack.
  7. Cookies can be stored in an airtight container for up to one week.