Mojo Jojo Pickles

Mojo Jojo Pickles

$11.99 CAD

Pickled GrapesA hard to describe pickled grape that's gorgeous at the bottom of a dirty martini or at home on a cheese plate.

Pickled Snow PeasA surprisingly crisp pickle with the sweetness of a pea. A mild paprika brine that's as satisfying as a BBQ chip.

Pickled EggsA mustard and dill pickled egg hand blended spice mix. If you like the ones in the bar you'll love these.

Pickled Green BeansPickled green beans with our high quality hand-blended garlic, dill seed and lemon rind spice mix. Perfect in a Caesar.

Mojo Jojo processes in Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan and we're proud to carry her products in store!

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