Nonna Pia's Balsamic Reductions


Nonna Pia's adds incredible flavour to grilled meat, seafood, vegetables, pizzas and appetizers or simply as a salad dressing. A great glaze on wings, ribs and the choice condiment on a gourmet burger - you'll satisfy everyone!

Classic: Aged balsamic vinegar imported from Modena Italy, slow simmered, creating a thick, velvety smooth and robust reduction. The most versatile of our reductions adds unsurpassed flavor to any dish.

Chili Lime: This reduction is slow infused with red hot chilies, puckered up with fresh squeezed lime juice… sweet and tangy heat for a spice lovers’ sensation. Most excellent on all salads, cilantro prawns or any grilled chicken.

Garlic: One of our most versatile flavour profiles, you will find limitless uses for our new Reduction. Robust balsamic flavour with a hit of garlic you will want to add this to just about everything!