Online Weekly Classes: Well Seasoned Live

Well Seasoned, a gourmet food store

Online Class:

Well Seasoned has started a new series of online cooking classes featuring our chefs! This new series was be our first attempt at running online hands-on classes for adults.

Check our Class Calendar for forthcoming events & menu previews! 

Update May 20th: We're adding a new chef, Chef Craig Scherer, to our roster next week. Check out class calendar to check out next week's classes and preview our forthcoming menus!

Support us and our chefs by purchasing an online viewing ticket here, and ordering your cook-along kit, and then join us on Facebook as we stream your event live! Only ticket holders will receive the recipe in advance so they can be ready to cook-along with our chefs.

Pay What You Can:

We understand that not everyone has access to employment right now, and so we're introducing a pay-what-you-can format for the class. We ask you still RSVP even if you choose not to pay for a class so we can see how popular the series is, and we have provided a free option so that everyone can watch along.

Cook-Along Kit:

The Cook-Along Kit will include the specialty items for the class, but will not include fresh ingredients (produce, cheese, meat, etc). For orders over $50, we offer $10 delivery within the Lower Mainland and Abbotsford. Fill up your cart with delicious gourmet-to-go meals and desserts and we'll bring it right to your door. 

Kids Classes:

A big thanks to Chef Helena for getting our online classes rolling (be sure to visit our Facebook page every Wednesday at 11:30 A.M. for a new, free session of Kids Cook). No registration is required for these Kids Cook sessions - just show up and cook along with us. A new recipe is posted every Sunday for the forthcoming live class.

Past Sessions:

Thurs, May 7th with Chef Deniz: Chef Deniz Cooks Fresh Cavatelli with Spicy Lentil Ragu and Peas - Cook along with the archived video.

Thurs, May 14th with Chef Deniz: Chef Deniz Cooks Paella & Heirloom Tomato Salad with Basil - Cook along with the archived video.
  • If back-ordering a cook-along kit for an archived Cooking Class, be sure to reference the menu or the Week number so we get you the correct kit!

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