Ronnie & Denzel's Natural Champions


Honey Mustard: Ronnie and Denzel's spin on the Classic Mustard Sauces of South Carolina. Took a 1st Place in the 2009 Napa Valley Worldwide Mustard Competition.

Island Heat: A truly fiery sauce with flavours reminiscent of the Caribbean islands. Smoked Habaneros give this hybrid jerk/bbq sauce it's heat. 1st Place winner in the 2009 Scovie Awards.

Kansas City Style: A classic tomato-based sauce with a bit of spice and a nice tang. Probably the most versatile of all bbq sauces. Goes great on just about anything and it's not too hot for the kids.

Southwestern Red: A naturally smoky sauce with the flavours of New Mexico Chiles and spices.

Canadian Maple: Great with moose, eh? A distinctly Canadian sauce with a touch of maple and a strong yet polite blend of sweetness and hotness.

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