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There is nothing we love more than supporting local products. We are excited to now carry Rootside Provisions craft cocktail mixers online! Based in Esquimalt, BC, the Rootside Cocktail Mixer series is the perfect addition to your local-lovers mixology collection!

Every ingredient used in their products is sourced from providers who are just as passionate about their craft as the creators themselves. Their philosophy is built on the foundation that mixers matter, and as avid mixologists, we could not agree more. All you have to do is add them to soda water and with a quick stir, you have a one of a kind craft cocktail mix. It's that simple. You've got to give these a try.

Classic Dry Tonic - the only gin and tonic mixer you will ever need.

Cardamom & Citrus Tonic Syrup - a fragrant twist on a traditional gin & tonic.

Ginger Beer Mix - Made for the perfect Rye & Ginger or Moscow Mule with fresh ginger, organic lemons, and just a touch of organic cane sugar and sea salt. Can be used in any cocktail that calls for ginger!