Sonoma Syrups

Sonoma Syrup Co.

$13.99 CAD


Type: Beverages

Founded in 2002 by Karin Campion, Sonoma Syrup Co. is steeped in the regions culinary tradition of naturally derived, high quality flavours and healthful ingredients. Handcrafted in small batches, the uniquely American syrups and extracts reflect the flavours and sensibility of the region.

A lifelong California resident, Karin created the Sonoma Syrup Co. to capture and share the quintessential flavours of Sonoma. She is involved in the specialty food business and developed the Infused Simple Syrups from her own kitchen garden. She develops specialty foods for a variety of market segments as a culmination of her broad experience with botanicals, cooking, design and family life with her three sons.

As they develop new varietal flavours of botanically Infused Simple Syrup and other artisan culinary products, they encourage people who love to cook—both at home or in the professional kit—a taste of the principal of terroir and artisan blending, which have resulted in their extraordinary American Artisan products.