Butter Chicken is here to stay (and to gourmet-to-go)!

August 13, 2018

Butter Chicken is here to stay (and to gourmet-to-go)!

We're excited to announce that Chef Carl's homemade Butter Chicken is now a year 'round staple in our Gourmet-To-Go Freezer.

Thaw. Heat. Serve.

Too hot to cook? No problem! Just thaw your Well Seasoned Gourmet-To-Go Butter Chicken sauce and then heat it up in the microwave before serving over rice or potatoes. You can always get your BBQ going for some grilled veggies or BBQed spuds if you're looking for an excuse to fire up the grill.

In the autumn and winter, our Butter Chicken Sauce is an excellent addition over grilled cauliflower or broccoli that will warm you down to your bones! Serve it up with some Naan and some creamed spinach and you've got yourself a feast.

Each container feeds 2 for $19.99. Chef Carl's Butter Chicken Sauce is also Gluten-Free!!


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