Our Team

Angie Quaale

Angie Quaale, Owner of Well Seasoned, a gourmet food store.Angie Quaale has been working in food and hospitality for all of her working life. Working for several years in hotels & fine dining lead Angie to a career in commercial food sales specializing in menu development and retail food distribution. The definite need for a gourmet shop in the Fraser Valley encouraged Angie to open Well Seasoned in 2004 and now they carry thousands of products from around the world and most importantly from right here in our back yard. Well Seasoned is thrilled to celebrate the bounty of BC – we proudly support local artisan food producers and offer their wares for sale here.

Angie is the Past President of the BC chapter of Les Dames d’Escoffier, a Past-Board Member of the Pacific Northwest BBQ Association and is the Past President of the Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce.  She is the Past Chair of Tourism Langley, Past-Chair & a founding board member of the Langley Community Farmers Market. Most recently, Angie was incredibly honoured to be awarded the very prestigious, George Preston Memorial Business Person of the Year Award by the Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce. She has also been recognized by Women’s Enterprise Centre as one of BC’s 100 New Pioneer Women Entrepreneurs 2008.  In 2006 Angie was recognized by the Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce as the Entrepreneur of the Year and in 2007 as the Small Business of the Year. Angie LOVES the work she has the opportunity to do every day and the fantastic people she gets to do it with. Angie is a proud, Elected Councillor in the Township of Langley. If you're looking to connect with Angie, please visit her Facebook page.

For more information about Angie, visit her profile page.


Nicki McCulloch, Store Manager

Nicki McCulloch | Store Manager | Well Seasoned, a gourmet food store in Langley, BCNicki is thrilled to be returning to the food industry once again! Her great love – food! Coming from a long line of food enthusiasts and entertainers. “My mom made fantastic food everyday……she was a business owner, 4-H leader, mother of 3 girls , managed a 10 acre farm in Langley and could execute a beef Wellington on a Wednesday. She made it all look so easy.” Nicki’s dad was the publisher of numerous newspapers and the perpetual entertainer. ” The moment you walked into our home you were made to feel special. The partnership of my parents was a match made in heaven.” Continuing the family tradition Nicki loves making every moment special for her 3 nearly grown children, husband Gord of nearly 27 years and dear dog Zara. Numerous friends and family with diet challenges encourages Nicki to create adventurous menus . Vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, gluten free, diary intolerant, paleo “Bring it on!” When not in the kitchen Nicki may be in the outdoors, visiting farmers markets , yoga studio, traveling, or enjoying an independent film. A long time supporter of “Shot in the Dark” . A local non profit organization dedicated in showing Canadian and foreign language films in the Langley community where she has lived for over 30 years. Nicki loves to share her love of food and life….


Michele Vanderzwan

Michele Vanderzwan | Staff | Well Seasoned, a gourmet food storeAs a constant victim of unsolicited house guests, Michele is always on the look out for new recipe and entertainment ideas. Her dream of owning a hobby farm came true a few years ago and she takes pride in serving home grown when she can. The need for new and interesting meal ideas brought her to Well Seasoned. The overwhelming variety of gourmet food products and supplies intrigued the caterer in her even further. She had to be a part of this place! Michele became a regular attending a multitude of classes which lead her to become a kitchen assistant to so many local and celebrity chefs, and a PNWBA judge. Currently she is learning the ropes of the retail store and gets to share recipes and inspirations with other like minded foodies.


Corinne Misko

Corinne Misko | Staff | Well Seasoned, a gourmet food store in Langley, BCCorinne was born and raised in Calgary, AB where she learned an appreciation for food while growing up. Her Dad always said, “You have to try it at least once. If you don’t like it you don’t have to finish it but you have to at least give it a try.” Of course as a kid this was often a painful process but as an adult she now appreciates how it has developed her palette and her willingness for trying all kinds of different food. It especially served her well during her extensive travels around the world where the local cuisine is always a memorable part of the travel experience.

It was Corinne’s love for travel that initially lead her to start her working life in the travel industry. After moving to the Vancouver area she progressed into an at home sales career while raising her daughter Kassandra along with hubby, BBQ Brian. She loves to encourage Brian’s passion for cooking and highly enjoys playing the food critic when he is creating something new.

Now by putting her skills and past experience together, Corinne is excited to have joined the Well Seasoned team and working with Angie to bring Culinary Tourism to the Fraser Valley. “We live in such an amazing place with so much to offer. From the fantastic local farms to the award winning wineries. Even I am blown away by the variety we have right here in our own backyard. I look forward to helping create a new culinary experience that both locals and tourists will love.”


Joanne Schmietenknop

Joanne Schmietenknop | Staff | Well Seasoned, a gourmet food store in Langley, BCJoanne was born and raised in Ontario. After graduating University and teaching abroad, she settled in Vancouver. Working in the hospitality industry sparked an interest in everything food..and wine! She enjoys entertaining, trying new recipes and cooking techniques and has a passion for baking and decorating. After starting a family, Joanne, her husband and 1st son moved to Langley and are proud to call this place home. As regular customers with a great appreciation for all of the unique ingredients and 'foodie' treats Well Seasoned has to offer, she was thrilled to later become a part of the WS team!


Kathrine Podrebersek

Kathrine PodrebersekKathrine is the newest and now the tallest of the Well Seasoned team. After moving with her family to Langley from Chilliwack in 2015, Kathrine wanted to find a job that she loved and was thrilled when she became a part of the WS team! She started as an assistant in the cooking classes and can now also be found in the retail store. Even though she is still very young, she hopes to pursue the art of cooking in some way because that is what she's passionate about. From a very young age Kathrine could be found sitting on the kitchen counter beside her mother, licking the spatula and helping with whatever dish was being created. Whether it's cooking, baking, tasting or dreaming about food, Kathrine is there.


Renee Blackstone

Renee Blackstone | Staff | Well Seasoned, a gourmet food store in Langley, BCRenee spent nearly 20 years as Food and Lifestyles Editor at The Province newspaper before taking early retirement in 2008. She now spends most of her time looking after an ever-expanding number of flower beds and vegetable gardens on her two Langley acres where she also tends a small flock of chickens. She continues to write freelance articles for various clients and also has a blog, accidentalfoodie.wordpress.com, which covers all things food-related, including cookbook reviews, travels and gardening. But writing can be a lonely profession, and chickens aren't the best conversationalists, so Renee happily joined the WS team as one of the best ways to stay connected with the food world. She works mostly as a cooking-class assistant. The many chefs she's had the opportunity to work with continue to inspire her love of great food, she says.


Tim Charles

Tim Charles | Staff | Well Seasoned, a gourmet food store in Langley, BCTim is a self proclaimed foodie and has been looking for opportunities to expand his culinary knowledge. His day job as a writer producer for a radio morning show in Vancouver ends at 10:00 am and after watching Judge Judy and Dr. Phill is left looking for something to fill the rest of his day. He jumped at an opportunity to join the Well Seasoned team and with the knowledge of the staff has come a long way in the cooking arena. On his time off he can also be found at one of many comedy clubs doing/attempting stand up comedy and has incorporated some of his new food knowledge into his act because nothing makes people laugh harder than a good Arugula joke!


Kim Jewell, Marketing and Social Media Manager

Kim Jewell | Marketing Manager | Well Seasoned, a gourmet food store in Langley, BCA recent transplant to the Fraser Valley, Kim is excited to join the Well Seasoned Team. Her passion for food and travel led her to pursue a career in the hospitality industry. Having diversified through several different roles within branded hotels and online travel agencies, Kim knew the corporate world was not for her, and something was missing. She has always been passionate about food, and shopping local. Naturally, Well Seasoned was the perfect career change, allowing her to transition back into her marketing roots. This wine lover also spent a number of years devoted to BBQ Competitions alongside Angie, judging, organizing and competing. She is responsible for our marketing and social media initiatives, along with coordinating our kitchen and special events.


Kay Slater, Creative Director

Kay Slater | Creative Director | Well Seasoned, a gourmet food store in Langley, BCKay has been associated with the Well Seasoned Gourmet Food Store brand on and off for the past 9 years and is proud to officially take on the title of Creative Director. Kay has worked to produce a consistent brand presence for Well Seasoned both online and off and has used their extensive retail marketing background and fine arts education to blend functionality and form for this gourmet brand. Kay also manages the websites for the CanadaQ, and BBQ Off the Bypass. If you find anything wrong or have an issue with your online experience on any of the Well Seasoned brand sites, please contact creative@wellseasoned.ca and Kay will get right on it! Kay is the resident nerd, who is hard-of-hearing, vegetarian and is proud of it. Kay works as an illustrator  and gallery preparator when not drooling over Well Seasoned's selection of quinoa. https://ca.linkedin.com/in/kslater