Charles Chocolates: Small Batch made in San Francisco

February 28, 2020

Charles Chocolates: Small Batch made in San Francisco

Charles Chocolate bars are filled with whole roasted nuts and other fantastic handmade inclusions so that every bite gives you the ultimate chocolate bar experience. Charles Chocolate are handmade in San Francisco in small batches. 

Available in store now while supplies last.  

Charles Chocolates, 40g bars: $3.99

  • Toffee Coffee (55% Dark Milk Chocolate)
  • Caramelized Crisped Rice Bar (41% Milk Chocolate) 
  • Caramelized Crisped Rice Bar (65% bittersweet Chocolate)

100g Small Batch Chocolate | Charles Chocolates | Well Seasoned

Charles Chocolates, 100g bars: $9.99

  • Strawberry - Ruby Cacao Bar
  • Caramelized Cocoa Nib Bar 
  • Salty-Sweet Hazelnut Bar 
  • Salty Sweet Cashew Bar 
  • Toffee Coffee Bar 

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