Chef’s Tip: Great End of Year Tips!

December 15, 2019

Chef’s Tip: Great End of Year Tips!

Our 2019 year end tips: hot ideas for any cook!
  • Warm up your juicing citrus - When juicing oranges, lemons and any other citrus fruit for vinaigrettes, cocktails, juices, or seasoning foods, don’t juice them cold! You won’t get nearly as much juice.
  • Don’t cook cold meat or fish - Bring meat & fish close to room temperature before cooking. If you start cooking cold food, the outside will cook much faster than the cold inside, leaving you with raw meat in the middle and overcooked meat on the outside.
  • Toasty Grains - Toast grains like quinoa or couscous in a dry pan before cooking to bring out their nutty flavour. Cook them with whatever flavours you’d like them to absorb; chicken broth, almond milk, herbs, or spices.
  • Hot pans work best - To get a good sear on meats or other foods, use a heavy pan and heat it up before adding your oil . Once the oil is shimmering , add your ingredients. Cold food in a cold pan is almost always a bad idea!
What was the best tip you learned in 2019? Share your tips on Facebook! #tmicheftips

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