Chef's Tip: Limp Veggies

June 15, 2020

Chef's Tip: Limp Veggies

Perking up wilted veggies

Winter veggies aren't always the best and sometimes we just leave them in the crisper a day or two too long. Before you bin them, try to freshen up those limp vegetables. Drop aging produce into a sink full of ice water and see if that doesn't breath some new life into it. Plants generally wilt due to water loss; ice water penetrates their cells to restore crispness. This technique works well with lettuce, kale, chard, carrots, radish, some herbs, asparagus and even beets.

For optimum storage:

  • Keep produce in perforated plastic bags in the produce drawer of the refrigerator.
  • Keep fruits and vegetables separate, in different drawers, because ethylene can build up in the fridge, causing spoilage.
  • When storing fresh herbs & asparagus, trim the ends, store upright in a glass of fresh water (like flowers in a vase) and cover loosely with a plastic bag.

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