Chef's Tip: Toning it down!

January 15, 2020

Chef's Tip: Toning it down!

Toning it down!

Sometimes, you need to reduce the strength of RAW onions. Especially if you are making salsa or guacamole. Put your chopped onions in a sieve over the sink & pour boiling water over them. Rinse them with cold water & pat them dry. This will reduce their harshness without cooking them.

You may have gotten a little carried away with the heat in your chili and your dish is TOO SPICY. You can adjust the burn by adding some sugar or honey, the sweet actually helps offset the heat. You could also add some potatoes or carrots, or stir in some sour cream/ yogurt, the dairy will help neutralize the spice.

A little heavy handed with the SALT shaker? Try adding a bit of fresh lemon juice. The acidity will lend a bit of tartness & help bring the dish back into balance. You might also try adding some cooked rice or potato, the starch will absorb some of the salt. Add some stock, broth or tomato sauce, it will dilute the dish and you can re-season as necessary

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