Cherry [Pitting] Fever

July 10, 2019

Cherry [Pitting] Fever

The local cherries right now are gorgeous and delicious! We're in full cherry-pitting mode in our production kitchen right now and we're adding them to everything!

Hate pitting cherries? We’ve got you covered. We carry several brands in store right now;

  • Fox Run Cherry Pitter - $5.99 (cute cherry shaped pitter)
  • Chef'n quick pit -  $11.69, (seen in our instagram video),
  • Farm to Table Multi-Cherry Pitter - $19.59 (now available for online purchase),
  • Gefu Cherry Pitter - $34.99, and 
  • Westmark Cherry Stoner - $49.99.

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Scheduled for Sunday, July 14, 2019

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