Get Your Maple Sugar, Jelly and Butter!!

November 27, 2018

Get Your Maple Sugar, Jelly and Butter!!

Maple sugar can be used in recipes in the same way as cane sugar is used. It can be used to sweeten drinks, top oatmeal or incorporated into a flavourful rub for meats. When using maple sugar in baking, it acts just like regular granulated sugar and can be creamed with butter for cookies and cakes. It is almost twice as sweet as regular sugar, so when using it in a recipe that calls for regular sugar, you will want to reduce the amount of sugar slightly so that your finished product isn’t too sweet. 

Maple Jelly by Brien Maple Sweets, now available at Well Seasoned
Maple Jelly is so delicious, you can serve it with practically anything! It adds a velvety maple flavour to sharp cheeses, to terrines, to duck and liver pâtes and in layered cakes. Try it on a buttered scone or a little dollop to sweeten your oatmeal.  
And possibly, the most decadent of all - the Maple Butter.
Maple Butter by Brien Maple Sweets, now available at Well Seasoned
Maple butter, also known as maple cream or maple spread, is a confection that is made from maple syrup, by heating the syrup to approximately 10 °C above the boiling point of water, cooling it to around 52 °C, and stirring until it reaches a smooth consistency. Try it as a sandwich filling for homemade cookies, on pancakes, a little in your mashed sweet potatoes, spread on a warm croissant or simply eaten straight off the spoon.
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