• Jarware - Mason Jar Accessories

May 10, 2017

Jarware - Mason Jar Accessories  

Are you as obsessed as we are with mason jars? They are just so convenient, a few of our staff even use them as drinking glasses. Thanks to Jarware's innovative ideas, they are now even more useful! Angie loves them so much, she even shared them as one of the most useful kitchen gadgets - this segment was featured on BC Almanac radio with Gloria Macarenko (Angie is on at 26:50).

Jarware | New In Store | Well Seasoned, a gourmet food store serving the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley

Jarware is an affordable, BPA free line of products, made with recycled and food safe plastic. The line was created to provide new and unique uses for your existing mason jars. Not only are you reusing and recycling, you're also saying goodbye to the cupboard full of gadgets! Now you can say hello to a space saving way to turn your mason jars into everyday kitchen tools and household items. And by up-cycling, you are helping the environment too! It's a win, win!

At Well Seasoned we stock the following Jarware products:

  • drink lids
  • shakers
  • juicers
  • oil cruet
  • snack packs
  • soap pumps
  • tealight holders
  • piggy banks
  • honey dippers

And so much more! Stop by the store to get yours! Oh and P.S. we think Mom would LOVE these. Jar Ware - get it?