March is Popcorn Month at Well Seasoned

March 01, 2017

March is Popcorn Month at Well Seasoned

Popcorn, what’s not to love. Not only is it easy to make, it is also incredibly versatile and can take on just about any flavour profile. Naturally, our passion is gourmet popcorn. It is an easy, fast, and delicious enhancement to any gathering.

In fact, we love popcorn so much, we are dedicating the entire month of March to it. We are looking forward to sharing different popcorn recipes, products, and promotions with you. 

Who needs national popcorn day, when you can celebrate all month.

Techniques for Popping

Popcorn has been around for centuries, it gained momentum in the 1800’s when steam powered street cart popping machine was invented. This popular confection’s popularity literally exploded. Somethings evolve over time, and somethings are meant to stand the test of time. When it comes to popcorn we could not agree more. The traditional method of popping corn over heat with a hand crank it still the way we enjoy popcorn most. In our opinion the stove top popcorn popper makes the best popcorn in your home! You can purchase these at Well Seasoned.

Introducing our newest popcorn partner – Wabash Farms

We are proud to introduce our newest popcorn partner Wabash Farms. Wabash farms is located in Monon, Indiana. They grow all of their non-GMO corn on their farm in the heart of popcorn country and still work out of the original barn built on the farm! Well Seasoned is excited to be one of the first Canadian retailers of Wabash Farms popcorn products.

The store is now stocked with a variety of different kernels, flavour shakers, gift packs and so much more!

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