Preserved Lemons

June 21, 2017

Preserved Lemons image - New In Our Retail Store on 64th Avenue in Langley - Well Seasoned, a gourmet food store

Preserved Lemons

Preserved lemons, also known as lemon pickles, are something we think everyone should have in their pantry. Originally, lemons were preserved for the same reason we preserve anything, to be able to enjoy past their season. Traditionally, you would find this exotic ingredient used in tagines, and fragrant Middle Eastern recipes. They have recently gained popularity in North America as a go to way ingredient.

Why you ask? They have an exceptionally long shelf life, a little bit goes a long way, and are incredibly versatile. Not to mention, they can be substituted for fresh lemon in any recipe. They add a lovely new depth of flavour.

At Well Seasoned we sell these in 2 sizes - 200 grams and 400 grams. We like to use them in cocktails, brine included - try adding a bit to your Caesars! Use with chicken and fish, or toss pasta with some good olive oil, a little garlic for a perfect weeknight dinner.

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