Get decadent this Weekend!

February 06, 2020

Get decadent this Weekend!

Opened in 2001 and ranked among Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants, Au Pied de Cochon has become a true institution on the Quebec culinary scene. In firm contrast to the culinary trends promoting light and healthy recipes, the chef made his mark with rich and plentiful dishes. His reinvented cuisine made Au Pied de Cochon one of Montreal’s must-go restaurants, as well as a Quebec icon on the international culinary scene.

In 2019, Martin Picard decided to launch his own line of products inspired by his hearty cooking.

Au Pied Du Cochon Mustards:

Martin Picard created these three delicious maple mustards with foodies in mind. All made in Quebec$9.99

Au Pied Du Cochon | Mustards | Well Seasoned, a gourmet food store

Smoked Maple Baseball MustardRediscover this unparalleled stadium classic! This condiment has everything you love about traditional yellow mustard, but goes beyond with its delicious smoky maple aromas.  Simply use this baseball mustard in a hot dog or sandwich to give your lunch a truly unique flavour. Its sweet and smoky aromas also make it an ideal condiment for a nice piece of meat such as roast beef or pork.

Maple Butter Dijon MustardThose who love sweet and salty flavours will find exactly what they’re looking for in this condiment combining the bold flavour of Dijon mustard and the velvety sweetness of maple butter. Delicious with salmon!

Old Style Maple Dijon Mustard: Sometimes the classics are just what you're craving. A little sweet with all the classic notes of dijon that you love!

Condensed Maple Milk | Au Pied Du Cochon | Well Seasoned, a gourmet food store in Langley, BC

Martin Picard Maple Condensed Milk (300ml): 

This maple condensed milk is an essential ingredient in comforting, typically Canadian cuisine. Give it a starring role in traditional dessert recipes – pies, cakes, sucre à la crème, etc. – or as a dip for your favourite fruit. You can even turn it into dulce de leche: simply boil the can for two hours to make a perfectly delectable caramel!

Be creative! This delicious condensed milk can also sweeten milkshakes or enhance an alcoholic drink – imagine a vodka shooter or a creamy margarita. $9.49

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