Well Seasoned Fall Comforts: Ready-To-Eat Cookie Dough

October 07, 2017

Well Seasoned Fall Comforts: Ready-To-Eat Cookie Dough image - New In Our Retail Store on 64th Avenue in Langley - Well Seasoned, a gourmet food store

Who doesn’t remember waiting patiently, elbows on the counter, for mom to hand over the dough covered beaters or wooden spoon as soon as she was finished mixing the cookie dough? Nothing was more exciting than sampling the raw dough so you didn’t have to wait for the cookies to come out of the oven. But there isn’t a mom on the planet that didn’t warn, “not too much, you’ll get a tummy ache!”  Later, as we started to bake for ourselves, for some reason, the recipe yield never seemed to match of the number of cookies baked, it was always so hard to resist indulging in a scoop or two of the dough before it went in the oven.  And now, thanks to the sweet geniuses at Well Seasoned, the forbidden treat is no longer forbidden!  Probably, just like you, we have never outgrown our love of cookie dough and have now single handedly solved the worldwide dilemma of how much cookie dough one can actually eat before hearing Mom’s voice in your head warning of a tummy ache!  This treat will satisfy cookie dough lovers of all ages! 


We start with great ingredients like fresh butter, pure vanilla, high quality chocolate and, of course sugar but we don’t use any no raw eggs or unpasteurized ingredients – our dough is designed to satisfy that cookie dough craving anytime you have it. Today is most definitely a sweet tooth’s best day ever!  Because of our special no-bake process, this dough won’t bake into actual cookies but who needs actual cookies when you can just eat the dough! (there’s even a spoon inside). You can thank us later!

We are currently stocking four flavours to get you through Fall but look forward to introducing more seasonally:

  • Sugar, Sugar – a sweet sugar cookie dough loaded with colorful sprinkles
  • Cranberry Chocolate Chip – the dried cranberries make it acceptable to have this one for breakfast
  • Classic Chocolate Chip – really, a true classic that will bring back every great memory of your childhood
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup (made with our homemade peanut butter cups!)  - you are going to want a little alone time with this one!

    FAQ’s –

    Is your cookie dough safe to consume raw?

    • Yes, all ingredients (including the flour) in our delicious, homemade recipes are safe to consume unbaked.

    Are there raw eggs in your product?

    • No, all our ready-to-eat cookie doughs are made with pasteurized eggs or flax..

    Can I bake the ready-to-eat cookie dough into cookies?

      • No, our ready-to-eat cookie dough is made especially for consuming unbaked. It doesn’t include the ingredients necessary for making baked cookies.  

    Are there added preservatives in your cookie dough?

      • No, our ready-to-eat cookie dough is made with fresh ingredients and immediately frozen or refrigerated.

    How should I store my ready-to-eat cookie dough?

    • Ready-to-eat cookie dough will last about 10 days at room temperature & up to 6 weeks in the refrigerator. If you would like to save your cookie dough for later, it can be frozen for about 1 year, just thaw it for 20-30 minutes and it will be ready to eat. (don’t thaw in the microwave, it is best when thawed at room temperature or in the refrigerator)


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