Well Seasoned Fall Comforts: Thaw and Serve Pies

September 25, 2017

Well Seasoned Fall Comforts: Thaw and Serve Pies image - New In Our Retail Store on 64th Avenue in Langley - Well Seasoned, a gourmet food store

We've got an amazing line up of Fall goodies and these homemade pies are no exception. Chef Sue is the purveyor of perfect pies and we are excited to share her latest creations.

Sweet Potato Pie - Our version of Thanksgiving in a pie. This dessert is velvety smooth, light and offers all of the flavours of Fall. We're using this traditional southern pie to make Thanksgiving great again!

Bourbon Pecan Pie - Now this, this might be our new favourite. Rich in flavour and texture, this pecan pie is a flaky masterpiece. The addition of Bourbon offers a warm finish, this pie will definitely be a welcome take on tradition.

Bourbon Pecan Pie

We created these with the busy holiday season in mind. I think we can all agree, that there is nothing worse than coordinating a baked dessert after having spent hours slaving over a turkey in the oven, or having to bake it the day before. These pies make dessert a piece of cake...pun intended! All you have to do is whip the cream, literally! Once thawed, these are ready to serve. We recommend with slightly sweetened, freshly whipped cream.

We've even made them in glass pie plates, so you can take all the credit! Set yourself up for success this Thanksgiving, and pre-order now.

*Please note the cost does not include a $7 refundable pie plate deposit*

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