We're re-opening our class kitchen: In Person Cooking Classes RETURN!

June 13, 2020

We're re-opening our class kitchen: In Person Cooking Classes RETURN!

Welcome back into the Well Seasoned Classroom, we are super excited to get on with our “new normal”. 

Starting in September 2020, we will be offering demonstration style and hands-on classes.  For Demonstration Style: The Chef will do the cooking, you do the learning and the eating. So basically, it’s like watching the Food Network only it tastes better.  For Hands-On Style: The Chef will still do most of the cooking, but you will be tasked to make components of a meal, and prep items specifically for you to take home and share (if you want) with those at home. Each Class will have more details.

Check out our forthcoming classes on our online calendar.

CHECK OUT OUR SUMMER BACK TO CLASS ANNOUNCEMENT VIDEO. Update September 2020: We are now restarting some limited Hands-On Classes.

Our sanitization practices have been increased, including all tables & chairs, they will be cleaned and sanitized after each service.

Our class size will have to decrease.  Some chairs will be moved/removed to accommodate physical distancing guidelines. Tables are only to accommodate the amount of people that there are chairs for. Please do not move tables or chairs without asking for staff assistance. Groups will be sat as they are booked.  

We will have room for social distancing but please let us know if you're planning to come in pairs, groups etc so we can seat you together. We will try to ask you at the time of booking who you are attending with so we can create our seating plan in advance.  

Please be advised, you will be asked to bring a mask to the class. Masks will be worn when you are not eating and drinking for the safety of other students, the chefs, and staff.

Each student will be required provide contact information & an email to be kept on file for 30 days. This measure is to assist provincial health officials with contact tracing if necessary.

Hand sanitizer must be used upon entering the store. Hand sanitizer must be used AGAIN by customers and staff upon entering the classroom.  No sanitizer = no entry. We discourage your use of gloves in the kitchen. Hands washed with warm water & soap is the most effective way to eliminate germs.  The sanitizer station and a hand-wash station will have ample soap & paper towel for guests to use at any time during their attendance.  

Staff in the classroom will be using gloves to handle the dishes BUT you will be asked to place your own cutlery in the bin that goes into the dishwasher to be sanitized.  We are trying to reduce staffs handling of cutlery and glassware.  Our chef will not be wearing a mask while teaching.  Chef will be maintain physical distance from our guests.  

By registering for a class in our space, you agree to follow the distancing and sanitary guidelines that have been put into place to protect you and our staff. If you have any questions about our health & safety commitment or cleaning procedures, please ask any of our team, we are committed to the mental & physical wellbeing of everyone in the building.

Please, be patient and be kind to others including our staff in regards to all new policies and procedures. This is a fluid situation and we are all doing the very best we can.

We are so excited to welcome you back! Let’s get cooking!

Angie Quaale

President, Well Seasoned Gourmet Foods Inc.

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