• 2015 Great BC Bake-Off: Winning Pie Recipes

September 27, 2015

Adding a sweet public participation component to 2015 BBQ Off the Bypass Event event was the sixth annual Great BC Bake-Off, an amateur baking competition hosted by Well Seasoned. In the Great BC Bake-Off there were three categories:

1. Fruit Pie: winner, Sandra Sayer, for her Dutch Apple Jack Pie
2. Anything Pie: winner, Beth Watt, for her Corn & Onion Galette
3. Butter Tart (because we’re Canadian, eh?): winner, Colleen Hayes, for her Big Dog BBQ Butter Tarts

We were lucky enough to have the winner's share their recipe with us (lucky you!):

Great BC Bake Off Winners | Fruit Pie | 2015

Great BC Bake Off Winners | Anything Goes | 2015

Great BC Bake Off Winners | Butter Tart | 2015

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