Well Seasoned Catered Events

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Our catering services are limited restricted by the Provincial Health Office dictating group size, location and protocols. All of our catered events are truly customized the suit the needs of our guests with the utmost consideration for safety. Please ask us about the possibilities to participate in your event, we’d love to hear from you. Send your catering requests to: askachef@wellseasoned.ca 

Check out our lunch and corporate catering menus: [online] [PDF]

Here are our catering serving options;

Contactless Buffet Service; (minimum 20 guests)

Buffet service for groups of up to 50 – served outdoors or in a large venue, we will not cater inside private homes. A contactless buffet means that we set up a full buffet and our staff serve the food to the guests; the guests do not handle any serving tongs or implements. ALL food is handled exclusively by the service staff. Guests are welcome to come back for seconds, as they would at any buffet. We will provide disposable/compostable service ware. If you prefer china dishes, guests will be asked to put their dirty plates and cutlery in the bins provided, our staff will not handle dirty cutlery. There will be a service fee for china dishes, disposables are included in the prices quoted. There will be no condiments or communal salt & peppers on the table, we will have single use packages as required.

Contactless Drop Off; (minimum 8 guests)

We will provide our delicious homemade food in disposable containers that you can heat/warm, cool &/or cook at your leisure. We will provide full-service instructions and garnish so when you are ready to eat, you simply open the packages and garnish. You can then serve the food as you prefer. 

Picnic Packs; (minimum 8 guests)

Whether you are staying home or heading out to your favourite park, lake or on a hike we can provide you with a delicious picnic to go for up to 50 people. These are perfect for family reunions, office events or team “get togethers”. Order with a Zoom party in mind and gather together-apart. Each Picnic Pack is individually wrapped and presented with compostable/disposable dishes & cutlery and single use condiments when required.

For menus and more information on our catering services, please email askachef@wellseasoned.ca We look forward to serving you.