WS Official Supply Partners

Laurica Farms • Our official produce + fresh herb partner

  • If there is anything that Well Seasoned and Laurica Farms has in common, it's our love for 'localvores'. We're proud to be partnering with Laurica Farms both with our Weekly Fresh Box initiative and as a new supplier to the Well Seasoned freezer!
  • Every week, our chefs will whip up something tasty from the seasonal produce provided by Laurica Farm and will add it to our quick meal offerings in our freezer section. Visit us throughout the summer to see what our chefs have cooked up from farm to your table!

Laurica Farms + Well Seasoned

Local Farmer Cathy Findlay and Chef Angie Quaale at Laurica Farms. The animals are all pasture-raised and free range. The pigs and chickens are heritage breeds and they are working with their pig breeder to protect the original bloodlines.[/caption]

1 Fish 2 Fish • Our official seafood partner

  • Our fish classes teach you how to handle, prepare and cook the best fish dishes, so we make sure that we supply the very best product to work with. Visit the local 1 Fish 2 Fish store for top quality, sustainable fresh seafood.

Johnston's • Our official source for pork

  • Johnston’s is the source for quality products from BC producers - no BBQ or gourmet event is complete without their pork ribs, sirloin or tenderloin.
[caption id="attachment_23149" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Angie Quaale working with BC Pork! Photo credit: Dennis + May from Pangcouver | Well Seasoned Gourmet Food Store & Cooking School Angie Quaale working with BC Pork! Photo credit: Dennis + May from Pangcouver | Well Seasoned Gourmet Food Store & Cooking School[/caption]

JD Farms • Our official turkey partner

  • We encourage you to make turkey a part of your regular meals! They provide a wide variety of turkey products, including their famous homemade fresh and smoked JD Farms turkey sausages.

Bonetti Meats • Our official source for sausage.

  • They offer in house made sausages, bacon, smoked hams, custom cutting and wrapping and a wide range of Italian grocery products and we are proud to carry many of their great products in our freezers ready for your next party or event.

Scoop and Save • Our official decoration partner

  • Their expert staff is excellent at providing quality customer service and answering any of your cake related questions and decorating supply needs.

Langey Community Farmers Market • Our Local Farmer's Market

  • The Langley Community Farmer's Market works hard at bringing in locally grown foods, farm products, and other locally made products to help preserve and promote local agriculture, enhance local community and improve the overall quality of life for Langley. We can't argue with that!