Caffè Umbria


We're proud to carry Caffè Umbria freshly roasted and ground products at Well Seasoned! 

Terra Sana Blend:  Medium Roast - 100% Certified Organic | SUITABLE FOR ALL BREW METHODS

This blend features a delicate, chocolaty flavour with deep, earthy undertones. Organic beans from Indonesia and South America are roasted to a medium intensity producing a smooth and silky finish. This blend is suitable for espresso and drip coffee.

Gusto Cream Blend: Medium Roast - Classic Espresso | CLASSIC ITALIAN ESPRESSO

The perfect espresso blend producing a thick golden crema and a rich, distinctly Italian flavour profile. The blending of Brazilian and Central American beans gives this coffee a fragrant aroma and sweet finish. Also excellent as a mild to medium bodied brewed coffee.

Bizzarri Blend: Medium Dark Roast - Signature Blend | FOR ESPRESSO OR BREWED COFFEE

This signature blend is a celebration of our Italian blending expertise. Beans from Africa and Central America create the complexity of this elegant and versatile blend, perfect as an espresso and for milk based drinks. Also recommended as an all-day brewed coffee with its rich complexity and lingering finish.

Grifo Blend: Medium Roast - Anniversary Blend | BEST SUITED FOR BREWED COFFEE

A premium blend created by Master Roaster Emanuele Bizzarri in commemoration of our 10th anniversary. A careful blending of seven different coffee beans produces a complex coffee with intense flavour. We invite you to enjoy and experience "Il Gusto del Caffè".

Mezzanotte Decaf Blend: Medium Dark Roast - Decaffeinated | SUITABLE FOR ALL BREW METHODS, 

This classic blending of fine Colombian and Costa Rican beans delivers full flavour with a touch of citrus. An authentic Italian coffee without the caffeine and great any time of the day. This coffee is versatile as both a flavourful espresso and drip coffee.


Caffè Umbria is a full-service, wholesale coffee roaster based in Pacific Northwest whose the family's roots in roasting go back to the 1940's, when Ornello Bizzarri built his roastery in Perugia, Italy. 

What distinguishes Caffè Umbria in a crowded world of coffee roasters is their committed focus on creating quality product; regularly roasting and delivering fresh, premium Italian style coffee beans to us so you can enjoy the best cup of coffee possible!


Type: Coffee