Divina Olives


$8.99 CAD

Red Pepper: Hand-stuffed with Florina pepper strips, this classic cocktail garnish pairs wonderfully with manchego and goat cheese.

Sweet Sangria: Easy and breezy like a tall glass of sangria, our Mt. Athos Green olives are paired with a sweet and citrusy sangria brine, featuring bright notes of tangerine and orange. Wonderful served with Prosecco and paired with goat cheese, they are sure to become your next brunch favourite.

Feta Stuffed: Hand-harvested and hand-stuffed plump green olives from Greece’s famed Halkidiki Peninsula are the perfect contrast to creamy Greek Feta. This irresistible treat is perfect tossed in a salad or paired with roasted peppers and prosciutto.

Buffalo Blue: Break out the carrots and celery and get ready to be blown away by the bold, buffalo spice in these fun and unique blue cheese stuffed olives. They are popable, craveable and perfect on a Bloody Mary or served with wings.

Bloody Mary: Brunch just got better. Our iconic pitted green Mt. Athos olives have met their match with a savory and spicy Bloody Mary brine that’s so good it can go straight into your glass. We also love these olives diced over tacos or in a cold pasta salad with goat cheese crumbles and walnuts.