Hawkshead Relish Company Marmalades & Jams


Family owned business in Cumbria, U.K. All products are still made by hand using traditional open pans and are free from Nuts, Gluten, Additives and Preservatives as well as all being suitable for vegetarians and most are vegan friendly. 

Mojito Marmalade - Breakfast in the Caribbean with this traditional cocktail marmalade, with Limes, Rum and fresh Mint

 Orange and Whisky - Seville Oranges with a good dram of Whisky leaving a pleasing warmth on the palette, deliciously fruity.

Pink Grapefruit and Gin - Tangy yet sweet pink Grapefruit with a healthy glug of Gin combine to create a perfect breakfast condiment.

Sour Cherry and Prosecco - The dash of prosecco combined with lovely sour cherries creates an amazingly well-balanced jam; not too tart and not too sweet!