House of Q - BBQ Sauces



The House of Q BBQ sauce and spice line-up has won awards across Canada and North America. Their original recipes will blow your taste buds away with strong, unique flavours! This Canadian company is proud to announce that all of their sauces are gluten, MSG and preservative free! Look no further for a gluten-free barbecue sauce.

Apple Butter

The best selling sauce in our retail store! Apple Butter BBQ Sauce is a sweet, thick, smoky bbq sauce that has an aroma of apples, cinnamon and molasses. Its flavour is balanced between tangy bite and spice with a smooth apple sauce-like texture.Glazing grilled chicken pieces, pork ribs, chops or tenderloin. Awesome condiment on anything grilled or wanting a rich bbq sauce flavour. Try this sauce simmered in sautéed onions or used in hand-made burgers or meatloaf.

Awards; Best BBQ Sauce - BBQ on the Bow - Calgary, Alberta - 2007 and 2010 & Third Place - National BBQ Festival Best of the Best - Douglas, Georgia, USA - 2008

Slow Smoke Gold

Slow Smoke Gold is a mustard based bbq sauce that is zingy and tangy at first from the mustard and vinegar. It then provides a hint of heat with pepper and cayenne notes. The sauce is great as a dipping sauce on simply anything that wants mustard but can be used as a glaze on salmon or pork ribs. Outstanding in vegetable dips, potato salad or devilled eggs.

Awards; Fifth Place - National BBQ Festival Best of the Best - Douglas, Gerogia, USA – 2008 & Tenth Place - American Royal - Kansas City, Missouri, USA - 2009

Sugar & Spice

Sugar & Spice has a sweet aroma that comes across in the first bite but is really deceiving. Once the mouth takes on the sweetness it changes to sensing the spiciness from the cayenne and pepper. On a scale of 1 to 10, the spice level of this product would be a 6. The sauce is great as a dipping sauce for burgers, sausages, steaks and is a fantastic glaze for chicken. For a change of pace simmer with fresh cranberries to create a bbq chutney.

Rock N' Red

The fourth sauce in the House of Q line-up is a traditional style bbq sauce that has a tomato and vinegar base. For those who know their bbq sauces, this is a Carolina red-style bbq sauce.

It's tangy, zingy and a delicate balance of sweet and just the tiniest touch of heat.