Spiceology Spice Blends


Spiceologist spice blende are 100% natural (no msg, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, no funky stuff).  They are also gluten free, dairy free, soy free and blended with the freshest spices known to man!

Smoky Honey Habanero: Sweet & Spicy Rub, honey granules mixed with smoky paprika & spicy habenero. (4 pepper rating!)

Greek Freak: Mediterranean Rub, packed with herbs, spices, orange & sun-dried tomatoes. (No heat rating!)

Raspberry Chipotle: Sweet & Spicy Rub, fresh raspberries are mixed with warm chile spices. (3 pepper rating!)

Chile Margarita: Mexican Rub, a mix of lime & orange with warm chiles (2 pepper rating!)

Cowboy Crust: Espresso Chile Rub, Thomas Hammer coffee mixed with chiles & ground mustard (3 pepper rating!)

Tandoori Glory: Moroccan Rub, a sophisticated curry spice blend with over 10 fresh spices (1 pepper rating!)

Black Magic: Cajun Rub, cajun blackening rub with herbs, paprika & warm spices (2 pepper rating!)