Spice Works Mixes & Seasoning Blends


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"Flavour Mixes:"

These delicious blends are carefully handcrafted and mixed using only the highest-quality ingredients. SpiceWorks Food Creations are based in Surrey, BC!

Artichoke Dip Mix: This rich and creamy dip is perfect with tortilla chips or crackers. Add asiago or mozzarella cheese to make it truly irresistible! Contains 5 packets - each made 1 1/2 cup of dip. Gluten-Free

Tzatziki Dip Mix: A must-have side dish with Souvlaki or any Greek dinner. Great with pita bread or as a veggie dip. Simply add one Tbs mix to 1 cup yogurt and mix well. Makes about 5 cups.

Souvlaki Marinade: Make an authentic Greek Souvlaki dinner with this popular marinade. Just add water, oil, lemon juice, and 1 Tbs mix per 1/2 lb meat. Ideal on chicken, lamb, and ribs.

Lemon Chili Marinade: A spicy and flavourful marinade for chicken, seafood, pork, or vegetables. Prepare as a paste, or sprinkle on directly with a splash of oil for a tasty rub. Makes 16 servings. Gluten-Free.

Tandoori Marinade (& spice rub): Try this authentic Indian Tandoori marinade on chicken, salmon, and ribs. Simply add yogurt, vegetable oil & water.  Makes 16 servings. Gluten-Free.

Peri Peri Marinade: Delicious flavour with a spicy kick. Great with chicken, pork, salmon, prawns and potatoes. Makes 12 servings. Use apx. 1 tbsp of mix with each 1/2 lb of protein. Gluten-Free.

All-in-One Mexican Chili Mix: Make a zesty Mexican Chili with this quick and easy mix. Just add to ground beef, turkey or make it vegetarian. Use the enclosed sachet for extra heat. Makes 4-6 servings. Gluten-Free.

All-in-One Thai Curry: Made authentic homemade Curry in just minutes. Just add vegetables and protein (delicious with chicken, beef, pork, fish, and shrimp, or make it vegetarian by using green beans, potatoes, eggplant, carrots, peas, cauliflower and water chestnut). Makes 4-6 servings. Gluten-Free.

All-in-One Coconut Curry: Make authentic homemade Curry in just minutes. Dairy, Soy, Gluten AND GMO-Free. Makes 4-6 Servings. Serve over basmati rice with naan bread.